Somewhere down: Trapped Within Burning Machinery; Crawl; Monuments of Urn (Promenade métallique # 48)

TheFifthElement  RiseFeastBroken

My dear friend,

I think I’ve already told  you that I like albums, that I try to think in terms of albums. Still, no shame in getting stuck sometimes in single tracks. This weeks, for instance, I got really stuck in three quite long tracks, for no particular reasons, but that they are very good and well meant.

The first one is a funeral doom song, taken btw from an excellent funeral doom album: it’s the opening track, Leeloo, of Trapped Within Burning Machinery’s second album, The Fifth Element, which I think completely deserves your darkest attention. It has almost everything that is needed: the mandatory lenght, just under 15’; the slow chanting introduction; the mighty riff – well, really mighty, able to support almost ten minutes of repetitions and variations; the screams, the despair & the glide towards the low end; the epic feeling; the crescendo into diminuendo ending. It may seem that I’m talking about an average f-d track: definitely not! Because everything is put together with a lot of sense & sensibility. You can easily restart it how many times you want – and that riff is really made of stone.

The second one is a huge slab of drone/doom, signed by Claw, a powerful trio of gentlemen from Atlanta, Georgia. It’s called Rise. Feast, and it’s a 18’ track published as a single. Built upon a very little sonic cell, deeply explored and exploited, it’s a beautiful exercise in obstinacy, which you know I like a lot. It’s a dark string meditation, slowly descending like a spiral towards a black subterranean lake of resounding nothingness.

And then we have the seventh one-track ep from the quite mysterious, and prolific (I urge you to explore everything), New England one-man-band Monument of Urns: Broken. A 20’ dark pit of sludge/drone/doom, with no windows, no air, no light. What is there to like here, you may ask. Don’t ask, just drown in the sound, in the raw, rough & restless sound that seems to gush from some kind of being trapped down below.

Yours heavily, mp

Trapped Within Burning Machinery, Leeloo, in The Fifth Element, Midnite Collective 2015; Crawl, Rise. Feast, Stone Groove Records, 2016; Monument of Urns, Broken, Hand Hewn Timbre 2015.



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Shining black: Fórn, «Weltschmerz»

WeltschmerzDear friend,

names are relevant, so Weltschmerzla douleur du monde – by Fórn grabbed immediately my attention. On top of that I remember very well The Departure of Consciousness, their first album back in 2014, and I was expecting a new demonstration of huge riffing mastery: well, I got it, and much more. Made of two tracks (Saudade and Dolor, so you definitely got the concept), divided in two parts each, Weltschmerz is a quite perfect exercise in funeral sludge/doom: slow, when you have to be slow in order to move heavy loads; deep, when you can only go deeper; black, like its cover; clear, when you need a pause; vast, as the seas of feedback you have to sail; painful, like the growl that resonates down there.

Weltschmerz has a particular narrative quality, it is like an Eighteenth century symphonic poem, where every traditional element of our beloved doom conjures to make you see something in addition of what you hear. From this point of view, Dolor (Part II), which closes the album, is something that can’t be dismissed as just «atmosphere»: it’s the logical conclusion of what came before. It’s a really evocative record, without being abstract, because underneath every shade, and every desperate scream, you can always hear guitars, bass & drums (the drums!).

I said I was expecting huge riffing… well, you won’t forget what rises up in front of you, of us all, at 4’52” of Dolor (Part I): the sound of a mountain on the move.

Yours heavily, mp

Fórn, Weltschmerz, Gilead Media 2016.


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