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At the beginning of 2010 I started a blog mainly devoted to my experiences as a long time listener of heavy metal. Occasionally, I wrote also about my musical education, and about other more personal stuff. Everything was categorized, and I wrote in Italian, as I am Italian.

In January 2016 I tried to write in Italian, and in English, sort of.

In May 2016 I’ve decided to try the English-only version, using the form of letters I’d be writing to an imaginary friend, whom I’m trying to convince of the pure beauty of heavy metal. Perhaps, sometimes, I will write also a letter about musical memories and my passion for drone.

The name of the blog is an hommage to the portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa. Under the menu Categories are to be found relics of the blog’s past seasons  (which are explained, in Italian, in the page ‘The categories’), mixed with the new things.

Milano, May 2016

Yours heavily, Mortimer Potts


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