In the storm: Spiritus Mortis, «The Year Is One»

theyearisone-coverDear friend,

sometimes you can feel that an album will be one of your favourite right from the start: it takes just a few seconds, one riff and a verse, and you know. Listening to The Years Is One, by the lasvishly Finnish Spiritus Mortis, was one of these happy moments in my life as a metalhead. It’s based on a recipe we all know, but it’s glorious, sumptuous, and sounds as new as if classic doom has been invented yesterday.

Listening after listening, I was especially won by the special demeanour, the noble composure, with which SM displayed their musical despair: it’s like you can see all five of them building seriously and patiently their black blocks of sound. The easy grammar of big, deep, slow notes is used to its maximum effect in a set of jumbo riffs, all sustain and no hint of fading. The astounding vocal performance, (because it’s not easy to stay on top of) the massive guitar tone, the hugeness of bass&drums: everything contributes to the overall impression of a band of old Giants playing in the storm.

In this large dance of the elements, they also go for the «epic tone», and reach it in Holiday in the Cemetery and especially in the last track, the beautiful World of No Light, which, despite the title, opens up like an infinite landscape. And I wish I can describe the exact moment when the slow, first riff gathers its momentum and shift in the long final ride: it’s a moment of recognition, of going home, of bliss.

Yours heavily, mp

Spiritus Mortis, The Year Is One, Svart Records 2016.