Patience, prudence & care (Brunt, «Blackbeard»)

bruntblackbeardIt took a while for having new music from – as someone put it – «everyone’s favorite Guernsey hailing instrumental stoner metal favorite Brunt». More than a couple of years, actually, which nowadays may seem a lot of time, but now it’s all right: a new ep, Blackbeard, is here, with three lovingly crafted tracks that – as we all put it – keep growing with every listening.

The raw material, taken from the stoner-psych department, is quite simple – riffs, sound, songs’ structure, dynamics, avionics –, so, what I find really compelling is the final result: a brilliant example of – as you may put it – the sum of it being something more than the single parts put together. I like many things: the gestures I can imagine behind the music, the power of the riffs at full throttle (Blackbeard), the pauses, the grooves and the solos (Son of Smoke), the not too hidden taste for drone (Cetus), the heaviness capability (Cetus again), the togetherness of the usual trinity, I like how one idea – one riff – leads to another: with patience, prudence and care.

Brunt, Blackbeard, self-released 2016.