A brief note on Faces of Bayon’s second album

FacesOfBayonFour long tracks – with an intermezzo – of heavy doom: heavy & gloomy. Ash and Dust Have No Dominion, which is already more than one year old, is a thick & dark sonic mass with neither frills, nor tricks. The vocal duties of every song – sometimes clean, more often growling – are quickly fulfilled, and then you can loose yourself in those stretched & persistent chains of riffs, following one another in a seemingly endless road. A remarkable drumming work, tense & diverse, lies at the side of that road, dotted here and there by biting guitar solos.

Everything’s in order, and just when you think you can file Faces of Bayon among others solid doom artisans, you arrive at So Mote It Be, the twenty minutes huge boulder that closes the album, and you can instantly feel the fire burning up.

You can jump in that fire, and let it cleanse you, because ash and dust will have no dominion.

Faces of Bayon, Ash and dust have no dominion, self released 2015.