Into Black Air: Disrotted, «Divination»

DisrottedDivinationDear friend,

I remembered them well from the last year, with their self titled debut. Well, to be honest, if you’d asked me, I’d say I remembered the heaviness, and this is what I just found again in their second album. Yes, Divination by the Chicago trio Disrotted is all about heaviness – sublime, unadulterated, sheer heaviness.

You may argue that this does not come as a surprise, as far as I’m writing to you about heavy metal. Well, yes, but not every heavy metal band build their house just on the heavy. Disrotted do, at maximum level and with excellent results.

Aside from the strange and unsettling interlude of Beneath the Earth, you are presented with three long tracks (the last one very long) saturated with a quite perfect string tone, tortured growls and screams, and a colossal drumming (and we all know that slow drumming is way more difficult). Then you have the riffs: three slow giga-riffs going endlessly downwards, just a step before absolute stillness.

Droning with such a heavy sonic material is not easy, but they succeeded in combining the two drives, and at the end of this enormous digging, at the end of the beautiful and epic sixteen minutes of The Arcane Oath you find yourself somewhere very deep but also unexpectedly breathing.

Yours heavily, mp

Disrotted, Divination, Nerve Altar 2016.