Background radiation: Ommadon, «Fundamentalist Drone»

OmmadonVIIMy dear friend,

you can either consider Ommadon’s music of the space, or music of the Earth, but in both cases you have to add ‘deep’ – deep in the outer space, or deep down in the ground (and maybe also deep in time). The music of Glasgow drone/doom duo (Mr David Tobin & Mr Ewan Mackenzie) comes from ‘somewhere’, it is the record of a place where primal elements confront themselves.

I’ll put an end to this silly flow of metaphores, but let me say that the cathartic power of their sonic Behemoths is huge – not easy, if you are not accustomed to such dark musical explorations, but rewarding.

A perfect example of what I’m trying to say are the hypnotic 36 minutes of their last output, Fundamentalist Drone, which you can find in their split lp, titled Crumbling Experience, with Legion of Andromeda. A grandiose black river of noise (guitar & keys), flowing without interruptions, coming from and ending in some sort of background radiation. There is not just one ‘current’ in this river: you can hear collapses, deviations, bongs & demolitions. The sound is always moving, shifting, and carrying you away. And as it seems to get heavier and heavier… you just feel lighter.

As with the previous installments of their journey, I want very much to hear where Ommadon will go next.

Yours heavily, mp

Ommadon, Fundamentalist Drone, in Crumbling Existence, At War with False Noise 2016.