Sweet doom: Goatess, «Purgatory Under New Management»

PurgatoryUnderNewManagementDear friend,

you know that I don’t make comparisons any longer: don’t ask me that. I don’t say they’re wrong, it’s just that I don’t care. It’s quite obvious that my ears – everybody’s ears – are ful of past riffs & screams, and they pop up when I’m listening to something new, but it’s always what I’m hearing that matters.

So, I cannot find a single flaw in Purgatory Under New Management, Goatess’ second album. On the contrary, I’ve found a lot of good things, substantial things & tiny details, beyond the obvious homage to the masters. Everything is meticulously crafted, and you can get a precise idea of that since the first track, Moth to Flame, the longest one, unusually placed at the beginning: you get the riff, the very nice bass line, the perfect verses, the doom, the psych flavour, the drone too, the sound, the sum of all these things. It’s a very good track, and it’s just the beginning.

Almost every other song is able to start again just when you think it’s done, and every track has something set aside for you. It could be a bridge as simple as good and the perfect vocals on Murphy Was an Optimist; the drone temptation of Crocodilians; the coda of Shadowland; the riffing on Silent War; and so on until the very end: till the catchiness of Good Moaning

The ease of the flow is quite admirable, as it is the musicianship; I’d say this is smiling doom, it’s dark but not desperate, it’s thick but not suffocating. Sometimes you need it just like that, you need Goatess.

Yours heavily, mp

Goatess, Purgatory Under New Management, Svart Records 2016.