A big snake: Omega Monolith, «Fungus»

FungusDear friend,

sometimes I feel immediately at home in a record. More often because of the sound, more  rarely because of what is being said, and I don’t mean the lyrics. In Fungus, second album by Greek duo Omega Monolith, there are no lyrics at all, but there’s definitely a speech, a discourse, and I’ve founded myself listening to it attentively since the first notes. Their music is a way of thinking, and I liked it a lot.

I would say, first of all, start from the very beginning, take your time, and develop every idea without haste; when you land on something, stick to it, because it’s only with enough repetitions that you can squeeze some meaning from a (musical) idea; try specific ingredients out of their usual context, and let be taken away by the power of compulsiveness.

Fungus is a very serious record, deeply rooted in drone and repetition, and offering a wide spectrum of sounds, ideas, and wisely chosen effects, with a lot of things going on under the surface, especially in the rhythm department. Fungus is a big, hypnotic snake that wrapped you in its coils and rock you to oblivion (no surprise that at its centre you find a Rust Cohle sample). It’s heavy, when needed, it’s mysterious and coming from who-knows-where (the beginning of The Future is Gone), it’s cryptic (the first minutes of The Past is Now), it’s quite often surprising.

You have to be really sure of what you’re doing to avoid a single second of bore, and OM succed at this without any sign of effort: they mean exactly what they’re playing. I’d bet they’re really satisfied with Fungus – they should.

Yours heavily, mp

Omega Monolith, Fungus, 3 Shades of Black 2016.