Black charm: Oranssi Pazuzu, «Värähtelijä»

VarahtelijaMy dear friend,

you know that I’m a big, deep fan of built-on-a-single-riff tracks, but in this case I’ve to praise heavy metal because it has proven itself more and more capable of including rather than excluding. I’m talking about Oranssi Pazuzu’s new record, Värähtelijä. You can feel that something interesting is going to happen right from the beginning, since that slightly dissonant bell-like guitar that opens Saturaatio, the nicely titled first track, which unfurls like a long roll of tapestry until laying at rest on the surface of a big black lake. It also presents you with the experience of the constant changing of the landscape: an experience which is the main key to the entire record.

The amount of not usual metal sounds is huge, and scattered throughout the whole album, so that, at some point, you may ask yourself: Where am I? Is it still metal what I’m listening to (for instance the dissolution of the vast & wonderful Vasemman käden hierarkia)? It doesn’t matter, in the end, as long as you can always find some kind of musical discomfort, some kind of displacement, mainly entrusted here to sparse vocals, to heavy, thunderous bass lines, or to obstinate drumming.

There are no big gestures in Värähtelijä, there are a lot of little moves, additions, overlappings and detours, that constantly keep you in a state of anxiey, with almost no release – no climaxes, no peaks, very few clearings, no rest: a general tension produced by the fact that every part – guitars, bass, drum, keyboards – seem to follow its own reasoning, almost independently. In this «almost» lies a big part of OP’s black charm. They seem to play from a place full of new visions & nightmares nobody has dreamed yet, and that’s good.

Your heavily, mp

Oranssi Pazuzu, Värähtelijä, Svart Records 2016.