Darkness Department: Bethmoora, «Demo 2016»

BethmooraDemoDear friend,

the cathartic power of heavy metal is no mystery, it’s quite common experience actually. Its degree, though, can be very different, and you know something special is happening when you feel you are not just listening, even if you’re sitting at your table with your headphones on.

I got that feeling from Bethmoora’s Demo 2016, «a sludgy doom monster from the darkest depths of Copenhagen», in their own words. Black is the colour of this demo, black like a shiny cut of obsidian. You know from the first, dry chords that you are entering a menacing place, which becomes really unsettling when the vocals take the stage – distorted, desperate, and agonizing. Underneath them the usual gear seems to dig the ground with distinctive ferocity: no particular riff, just slow black heavy majestic chords stacked one on another, with a nice drony attitude which emerges especially in the second, outstanding track, Ousted.

You may think that you will be haunted by the sound of that voice… And yet, when the music’s over,  you find yourself cleansed, in a way; crushed, yet surprisingly lighter.

Bethmoora are not alone in this department of darkness, and yet they seem already mastering it. So, I hope this is just the beginning for them, although it seems like they play the music of the end.

Yours heavily, mp

Bethmoora, Demo 2016, self-released 2016.